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Hello, my name is Jason Craig. I am a small town web developer living in the Cincinnati area. I enjoy creating custom web designs, developing social media, performing SEO and analytics services, and providing general website management. If you are an individual, business, or organization that is looking to add your presence to the Web, or are an employer that is looking for a full-time hire, feel free to Contact me.
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Web development is more than coding. I understand design principles, SEO, and effective content creation, as well.

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Responsive Design

Websites today must be viewable on many different screen sizes. Responsive design is the solution. A responsive website will arrange itself to provide the best viewing experience for the screen it is being viewed from. Manually resize your browser screen to see responsive design in action.


Do you want to manage your website, but don't want to learn to code? A content management system might be for you. Once set up, adding content is made with an easy-to-learn admin interface. WordPress and Drupal are just a few options and I can walk you through them all.


Looking to start an online store? There are numerous shopping cart systems that are free to use if you don't have thousands to shell out. I can take you through the whole process: setup, installation, product population, and managing payment gateways and shipping carriers. You will be selling in no time.


If you are selling something then branding is important. Even if you are simply selling ideas, if you want a consumer to come back it helps to have an image to keep you at the forefront of their mind. If you don't already have a logo for your business or enterprise, let me help you design one.

Social Media

Building a solid network of viewers for a website means connecting those websites with social media. Facebook and Twitter are just the tip of the iceberg in this realm. I can help you plug into these media platforms and the network of followers that come with them.


Getting your new website up and running does you no good if no one sees it. Search engine optimization techniques are absolutely necessary to make sure that your site has the maximum ability to be seen by all major search engines and that your content is being accurately reflected in searches.

Contact Me

I'll be glad to answer any questions you send, or you can call me at (812) 584-6639.