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Web development is more than coding. I bring design skills, social media integration, and an understanding of business to every project.

Responsive Design

Websites today must be viewable on many different screen sizes. Responsive design is the solution to this problem. A responsive website will arrange itself to provide the best viewing experience for the screen it is being viewed from. Manually resize your browser screen to see responsive design in action.


Do you want to manage your website, but don't want to learn to code? A content management system might be for you. Once set up, adding content is made with an easy-to-learn admin interface. Wordpress and Drupal are just a few options and I can walk you through them all.


Looking to start an online store? There are numerous shopping cart systems that are free to use if you don't have thousands to shell out. I can take you through the whole process: setup, installation, product population, and managing payment gateways and shipping carriers. You will be selling in no time.


If you are selling something, branding is important. Even if you are simply selling ideas, if you want a consumer to come back, it helps to have an image to keep you the forfront of their mind. If you don't already have a logo for your business or enterprise, let me help you design one.

Social Media

Building a solid network of viewers for a website means connecting those websites with social media. Facebook and Twitter are just the tip of the iceberg in this realm. I can help you plug into these media platforms and the network of followers that come with them.


Getting your new website up and running does you no good if no one sees it. Search engine optimization techniques are absolutely necessary to make sure that your site has the maximum ability to be seen by all major search engines, and that your content is being accurately reflected in searches.


My portfolio is a cross-section of web development projects to business documentation.

Thumbnail image of the
                        	Aurora Farmers Fair website.

Aurora Farmers Fair

Redesigned Website

Thumbnail image of the
                        	Aurora Lions Club website.

Aurora Lions Club

Redesigned Website

Thumbnail image of the
                        	NetFire Systems Theme created with Boostrap V.3 framework.

NetFire Systems

Bootstrap Theme

Thumbnail image of the
                        	official website for the City of Aurora.

City of Aurora, Indiana

Redesigned Website

Thumbnail image for the 
                        	St. Lawrence Catholic School website.

St. Lawrence School


Thumbnail image for the 
                        	website of 360 Ink (formerly BMBA Signs and Apparel) online store.

360 Ink

Online Store

Thumbnail image of the
                        	Aurora First United Methodist Church website.

Aurora FUMC


Thumbnail image of the 
                        	P.A.W.S. of Dearborn County Animal Shelter: Bark n' Run 5K Charity Race brochure.

P.A.W.S. 5K Charity Race

Marketing Plan

Thumbnail image for Attractive 
                        	Solutions, LLC company logo.

Attractive Solutions, LLC

Startup Business Plan


A brief history of my life as a web developer.

  • A headshot of 
                                	myself, Jason Craig - Web Developer.

    July 2010

    My Tech Journey Begins

    I had just completed another dead-end job assignment with no advancement opportunity and no future. I wanted a career doing something that I enjoyed, but I knew that those kind of jobs were not going to fall into my lap. I was going to need to step up my game to make things happen.

  • The logo of Ivy 
                                	Tech Community College of Indiana.

    August 2010

    Aiming For A Degree

    I knew I wanted to get into programming of some kind and to do that I was going to need some education. I went to Ivy Tech Community College shooting for an Associate's in Information Systems, with a major in Visual Programming. I studied Visual Basic, .NET, and C++. Two years later I graduated with a 4.0 GPA. Along the way I also picked up certificates for Network+, Microsoft Access 2010, and Visual Programming.

  • An image of a laptop
                                	computer with a generic webpage design on the screen.

    June 2011

    A Random Opportunity

    An elective class in web design at the end of my first year at Ivy Tech presented an opportunity. A summer internship creating a website for a local business. After a few online videos on the topic I decided to go for it. As a result of this undertaking, I had found something that I truly enjoyed and could see myself doing for the rest of my life.

  • The logo of Indiana

    August 2013

    On To A 4-Year Degree

    Having received my Associate's degree, I still wasn't satisfied. I wanted a career in web development, so I needed to be taken seriously by those who interviewed me. I went on to Indiana University's Bachelor's in Business Administration program as a stepping-stone to the career that I desired.

  • Snow-capped rocky 
                                	moutain peaks against a blue sky with hardly any clouds.

    December 2014

    Graduation Day

    I achieved my Bachelor's degree and I wanted to shout it from the mountain tops. It was a long road, but my search for a career is still ongoing. I feel more determined now than ever to make that dream happen, but I'm not leaving that to chance. Every day I try to increase my knowledge of the latest technologies and best practices, and continue gaining professional experiences wherever I can.

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